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How to Disable Breadcrumbs in BBPress Forums?

Do you want to remove the breadcrumbs from BBPress forums?

Removing breadcrumbs is one of the ways to restrict a user from accessing all the topics of the forum. Breadcrumbs allow users to access the forum links.

You can use either of the two codes added below to disable breadcrumbs in BBPress forums.

 * Disable Breadcrumbs in BBPress Forums
 * @param array $param
 * @return bool
function maverick_bbp_no_breadcrumb($param)
    return true;
add_filter('bbp_no_breadcrumb', 'maverick_bbp_no_breadcrumb');

Or you can use the below code.

 * Disable Breadcrumbs in BBPress Forums
add_filter( 'bbp_no_breadcrumb', '__return_true' );

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