About UnmaskWP.com

Hey Mavericks! Welcome to UnmaskWP, the most advanced WordPress lookup tool. 

Have you ever wondered about the technologies used in a website and thought –  

  1. Is this site running on WordPress?
  2. Which WordPress theme a website is using?
  3. Which WordPress plugins are installed on a WordPress website? 
  4. How many of them are free and premium plugins installed?

If you did and want to know more about the technologies running behind a WordPress website, then you have come to the right place. 

UnmaskWP allows you to unmask the technologies used in a WordPress website including WordPress themes and plugins and show all the required statistics about them. 

Why We Built UnmaskWP? (Our Story)

My name is Mayank Majeji and I am the co-founder of TheMaverickSpirit and ThemeMantis

I started TheMaverickSpirit back in December 2016 along with my business partner Ankita Arya. 

A year later, we launched ThemeMantis, a WordPress theme, and plugin store. 

We built WordPress websites for many of our clients and some of them even provide reference websites wondering what WordPress theme are they using and which WordPress plugins are responsible for the functionalities of the reference websites. 

We provided those details to our clients as we know to read and extract the information from the source code, but it’s not easy for beginners (especially for non-techy users). 

That’s when we decided to build and launch UnmaskWP so that even beginners can check the details of a WordPress website without sneaking into the source code. 

Our goal is to help others and give back to the WordPress community in every possible way. 

Our Other Projects

We try to contribute continuously to the open-source WordPress community via different mediums. Here are some active projects you might want to check out. 

  • TheMaverickSpirit – A blogging platform where we write about blogging, WordPress, SEO, affiliate marketing, and much more. 
  • WP Utility and Performance Plugin – WPUP is a WordPress plugin that allows you to remove the unused resources (CSS & JS) inserted by WordPress code, third-party themes, and plugins. 
  • WP Full Screen Search – WPFSS converts the default WordPress search form to a full-screen overlay search form.