What is UnmaskWP Detector?

UnmaskWP is a useful WordPress tool that tells you what WordPress themes & plugins a website is using.

Unlike other WordPress theme and plugin detectors, UnmaskWP displays detailed information about WordPress themes and plugins which help you to understand the usage and other important aspects of a plugin and theme by watching their statistics.

What Information Does UnmaskWP Reveals?


Detects WordPress Website

UnmaskWP detects whether a site is built with WordPress or not.


What WordPress Theme is That?

UnmaskWP detects which WordPress theme is used to build the site. It displays theme details including –

  • Theme Information
  • Author Information
  • Theme Licensing Information
  • Other Info Related to Theme

Which Child Theme is That?

UnmaskWP detector detects whether a site is using a child theme and if it is custom-built. It also displays –

  • Theme Information
  • Author Information
  • Theme Licensing Information
  • Other Info Related to Theme

Plugin Categorization

One of the best features of UnmaskWP is that it detects and categorizes plugins into 3 categories –

  • Pro Plugins
  • Free Plugins
  • Unknown Plugins

Detailed Plugin Information

UnmaskWP displays detailed information on each detected plugin. The information includes –

  • Free Plugin Details (if available on WordPress.org)
  • Current Version of the Free Plugin
  • Active Plugin Installation & Total Number of Downloads
  • Overall Rating & Total Number of Ratings
  • When Plugin Was Added and Last Updated Details

Frequently Asked Questions

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